Audio Learning Center for English Learners Audio Learning Center for English Learners

Welcome to Audio Learning Center!

We explain what we believe to be the effectiveness of Audio Learning.
Audio Learning is a method of learning that involves listening to audio, memorizing the information for a period of time, and retrieving it.

Audio Learning Center for English Learners

Learning by ears
- a new way of learning, which is less stressful for brain –

In terms of brain mechanism, it is less stressful for brain to get information through ears than through reading by eyes. In today's information-flooded society, learning by ears is a new way of learning, which is great and reduce stress for brain. Audio Learning is almost synonymous with listening in English or other languages, but the difference is you don’t (shouldn’t) take notes as much as possible, shutting out visual information and focusing on auditory input, which also increases your concentration.

What is ALC (Audio Learning Center)?

Audio Learning

You can purchase training adjusted to each CEFR level equivalent for all English learners, from children to adults.

Audio Learning Center for English Learners
CEFR A1 LEVEL:Beginner CEFR A1 LEVEL:Upper-Beginner CEFR A1 LEVEL:Elementary CEFR A2 LEVEL:Low-Intermediate CEFR B1 LEVEL:Intermediate

[Service Charge]
1,000 JPY

[Option: Dictation Sheets (PDF format)]
300 JPY
Fill blanks, listening to the story with 2 types of sheets.

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Also Available “Kids Book”

You can read the kids books on Amazon kindle.
If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, these kids books are free.
Along with audio, please enjoy the stories based on the SDGs goal 1-3.

Flow of Use

  • STEP1

    Listen to samples to determine the level appropriate for you.

  • STEP2

    Select "Buy Now" and you will be transferred to the purchase page (by Square).

  • STEP3

    Select "Checkout", fill in the required information, and select "Pay" at the bottom.

  • STEP4

    Confirm the contents of the confirmation screen and select "Purchase".

  • STEP5

    You will receive login information to start using the Audio Learning Center.
    *Please contact us if you don’t receive the email 3 days after your transaction.

  • STEP6

    Now let’s start using the Audio Learning Center!


    We recommend to use the dictation sheets (330 JPY).
    The dictation sheets are PDF format. Please print them out by yourself.
    You can purchase the dictation sheets at the same time or separately later.


Can I use the Audio Learning Center without any Internet connection?
No. Internet connection is necessary. Although the audio data is not very large, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection if possible.
I am to purchase the service for my child. Are there any precautions I should take?
Please make sure to have your child listen to the sample sound files and confirm that he/she can hear and answer the questions.
Even if the answer is not correct, the chosen level is appropriate when he/she can answer by displaying the question.
Even if he/she cannot answer with displayed question, the chosen level is appropriate when he/she can answer the question with displayed the text.
What is your recommendation of how to use the service?
1. First, listen to the audio and answer the questions.
2. Please use the dictation sheet. Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks.
3. Listen to the audio and recite (follow-up reading).
By repeating the above steps, you will be able to enhance learning outcomes.
We also recommend that you close your eyes to shut out visual information and listen to the audio in order to enhance your concentration.